CHVRCH+ focuses on creating authentic and interactive digital faith communities.  We provide a host of custom services to help your organization launch in a digital space including:

Digital Space Design

  • Digital recreation of churches and sacred spaces
  • Digital preservation of sites of cultural, historic, and sentimental value
  • Digital creation of new spaces for worship, small groups and evangelism

Digital Avatar Creation

  • Custom avatar development for leadership and participatory engagement in endless styles
  • Custom user specific virtual add-ons
  • User specific interactions to facilitate community growth

Church VR Consulting Services

  • VR and Desktop digital church enablement services for:
    • VR worship, small group, & evangelism
    • VR & digital equipment
    • Live streaming  

Be assured our creative team can customize any digital space, event or avatar to your specifications.  Let us help your corporate, nonprofit, artistic or otherwise digital creation come to life!

Example Project: A VR Replication of First Miami Presbyterian Church – Miami, FL